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The design of your office says a lot about your company. Creating an environment to promote better social, physical, and mental well-being for employees is important to consider, and is something we excel at. We work with you to infuse company branding into places employees want to be, to promote collaboration, inspiration, and focus. In everything we design, the health and safety of employees is our top priority too. Let us help you speak to employees with design that promotes good work and great engagement.

We design spaces like:


Wellness Rooms

Outdoor Seating Spaces

Modular Spaces

Downsize or Expansion

Remodels or New Construction

Meeting & Training Spaces


Collaboration Spaces

Reception Areas

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Case Study

MGIC Investment Corporation

The elimination of high panels and visual barriers was the first step in creating an unsegmented, refreshed workspace. By incorporating floor to ceiling demountable glass walls, employees were provided privacy while natural light continued to permeate the surrounding office areas. Bold patterns and colors energized collaboration areas, while a mixture of wood grains, marble, and laminate provided a contemporary air for conference rooms, workstations, and private offices. We were able to seamlessly fuse the old with the new, incorporating modern finishes and expansive layouts across thirteen floors and two buildings.

Images from Take7

Case Study

Vizance Insurance

We were able to provide functional interior design solutions that spoke to the building’s natural roots and maximized square footage for a growing staff. Glass walls lining private offices and meeting rooms, as well as low panel heights throughout workstations, allowed for natural light to flood through the open floor plan. Neutral tones highlighted the café’s exposed cream city brick, while splashes of Vizance’s branded colors energized collaboration areas.

Images from Joyce Paisley

Case Study

SafeNet Consulting

Alternate work zones were achieved in our design by using varied corporate furniture solutions such as high-back bench seating areas in the café, which provided privacy from high traffic areas that allowed it to double as a work area. A contemporary aesthetic with lively pops of color introduced through fabrics and finishes reflected SafeNet’s brand and provided the necessary cohesiveness. Corporate interior design considerations were also made to incorporate accessories like glass boards and integrated technology to support the collaborative environments.

Images from Alloy Photography

Case Study

WOW Logistics

WOW Logistics’ new state-of-the-art facility was designed with their employees in mind. Bright whites, cool neutrals, and bursts of branded orange and green were incorporated throughout the building to create an equally timeless and invigorating space. Meeting rooms and private offices with conferencing areas were outfitted with a mixture of seated and standing height tables. Cohesive design offered a diverse selection of workstations, collaboration rooms, and lounge areas where integrated technology encouraged movement throughout the office, stimulating creativity and comfort that lead to increased productivity.

Images from Joyce Paisley

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