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Education has high standards, and rightfully so. Our team has been designing well balanced, highly functional classroom and education spaces for years. Every space is unique, created to best serve the students and educators using it by focusing on furniture flexibility and adaptability in use while making durability a priority. That’s why we first learn about your needs and budget to build a project plan to best suit your goals.

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Case Study

Gibraltar High School

We completed programming with the client to identify project goals and criteria to provide a successful education experience. We developed layouts, incorporating flexibility to meet individual classroom needs. We curated education-specific furniture such as tables, chairs, lounge, and storage as needed for each room. Additionally, we provided a custom solution circulation desk for the learning center area, as well as selected and coordinated all finishes and furniture design specifications to create cohesive and functional spaces.

Case Study

University School of Milwaukee – Stratton Preschool/Lower School Library

The redesigned space had a palette of warm earthy tones and a playful carpet depicting a meandering path and flowing stream and a tranquil woods mural. Two cut-out trees provided a whimsical gateway that welcomed you into the space and the gradation of painted walls created a sense of walking deeper into a forest. The furniture could be easily reconfigured, allowing for multiple uses of the space. We lowered the bookshelves, creating easier access for younger students along with improving sightlines for faculty.

Case Study

Northcentral Technical College

We completed programming with the client to determine project goals and criteria to provide a dynamic STEM center. Based on their needs, we provided educational design specific tables, chairs, and a lounge space. We also coordinated all interior furniture finishes and specifications to ensure educational interior design cohesion and a learning-centric environment.

Northcentral Technical College gallery

Case Study

UW-Whitewater Tennis Locker Room

The client had a very specific design in mind for the new Tennis Locker Room. We worked with a manufacturer to create the exact custom design to match the color and functionality of what the client requested. The lockers were installed in time for the tennis season to begin and the custom interior design met every expectation of the client.

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